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Thursday, March 19, 2020

This Charming Man

2020 Update
We suddenly live in a different world.  I've been hanging out in my house with my fam, just homeschooling and figuring out how to navigate our new reality and keep my business/job going. It's tough but we are all doing a variation of this same thing and we are all in it together.  In the meantime, maybe posting these songs can give you a tiny break from the madness. Love you all and stay safe!   On with the music!

This is still one of my fav Smiths songs.  On my version, this is where I started to branch out and away from the doo doo  doot background vocals and try to find different ways to make textures and rhythms with voice. 

2010 Original Post

I love what Simon Goddard (author of all things Smiths) says about this song. Basically, he says that when most rock bands are singing "oh baby" "oooh yeah" and other radio-friendly nonsense, out of nowhere comes Morrissey singing "Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate..."

What an amazing lyricist he is.

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