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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Birthday Gift for Thom Yorke

When deciding which band I wanted to cover for a project, it was really between The Smiths and Radiohead. I love both bands dearly, but in the end, it came down to the number of songs in their catalogs. If I had another year or two of my life to spend completely dedicated to one single project, there might very well be a Radiohead Project however, chances are slim that I would ever have the financial means I had in 2010 which gave me 1300 hours to sing AND still pay bills and childcare! However, I never say never...

In the mean time, it has always been a major life goal to work with Thom Yorke. And because so many amazing and unexpected things have happened in the past two years, I consider it within the realm of possibility. Dreams don't come true unless you pursue them and desires can't be fulfilled unless you make them known. So Thom, if you are reading this, happy birthday! Please let our voices connect soon...

Here is my very first all-vocal track, recorded in 2004, that became the recording inspiration for what was to become The Smiths Project 6 years later.

P.S. If you crank up the volume after the last note, you'll hear sirens going down my street outside. It fit well with the song so I left it in...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Smiths Project featured in new episode of Culture Pops

Thank you to Cole and Vanessa for supporting The Smiths Project! Click picture to take you to the video page:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Box Sets, New Music, and Awards, oh my!

The long awaited Smiths Project Box Sets will begin shipping Saturday! After months of manufacturing issues and fighting with them to fix it, I'm happy to say the wait is nearly over. (Musicians- never use NATIONWIDEDISC.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I've autographed the posters, they are going in the hundreds of boxes that my boyfriend has prepared, addresses are in the shipping software, and as soon as the box sets arrive, we add 'em to the box and send them out. I can't tell you happy I am to finally send these out. Some of you have been waiting close to 8 months for this!

The Smiths Project Box Set Pre Order is currently on sale! CDs will ship on or before August 8th. 15% DISCOUNT CODE FOR BOX SET: from now til August 1st: enter "tsp15" at checkout.

I'm also happy to have the project done so that I can get on with my current project. My first CD, 11 tracks of all-original music, is about 80% done now and I'm very excited to share that with you soon. Today I am revealing the title of the CD will be called "Patchwork Life."

It is really such an honor to be awarded " Best of the Bay 2011: How Soon is Wow" award from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This along side the "Best of San Francisco 2011 award for Best Cover Songs Using No Hands award from the SF Weekly has me feeling so much Bay Area love! It really means a lot to me to be recognized by my own community and I can thank you enough!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Smiths Project in the Media

San Francisco has been really showing the love lately! I'm very honored to be the recipient of SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco 2011 Award in the category "Best Cover Songs with No Hands" (all you other hand-less cover songs, step up!). Here are some recent radio spots on The Smiths Project for your listening pleasure:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

6-CD Box Set of The Smiths Project

I have been hard at work getting the box set ready for manufacturing. Wow, what an undertaking! Because of the generous donations and overwhelming amount of supporters, it went from a modest 6-CD jewel case to a beautiful custom box containing 6 digipacks of the project with amazing Smiths-inspired designs by Max at The Mystery Parade and remastering by Ryan Coseboom of Stripmall Architecture. I encourage you to check out their work as they are both amazing!

I proudly present to you the box set of The Smiths Project:

The Smiths Haful of Hollow
Meat is Murder The Queen is Dead
Louder Than  Bombs Strangeways, Here We Come
Box Set Pre-Order is here:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Feelng the San Francisco love!

I moved to San Francisco when I was 20 years old. I lived in the same apartment for 13 years. It's where a billion friends and memories were made. It's the place I call "home." I may have moved a little south to San Jose, but my heart still beats loudly for San Francisco. In San Francisco. Because that's where I left my heart. Actually, I did sort of a horcrux thing... There are pieces of my heart all along the 33 bus line, a BIG piece with the dancing man at the top of Portola, pieces scattered around downtown offices, Sutro Baths & Camera Obscura, Amoeba Records, Poncho Villa, Castro Theater, The Laserium, SFSU, Thrift Town, Video Cafe, perma-gray Parkmerced (home of the phrase "I want to slit my wrists just to see color!"), Cliff's Variety Store, Twin Peaks, Clement, Japantown, even the Mission's Red Man and "the bush guy" at Fisherman's Wharf have a slice. I love you, San Francisco!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011