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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Death of a Disco Dancer

Happy Birthday Joey Flispart, AKA @changingmyplea

Free download here.

Joey Filspart has been one of my faithful supporters and he has been looking forward to this song for a while. AND today just happens to be his birthday so, Joey, this one is for you.

I worked on this one forever. There are so many layers of drums and it took a while to get just the right drum sounds I was looking for because, as you know, I'm not a beat boxer. Never in my life did I think that I would attempt beatboxing, let alone let anyone hear it! It just goes to show how little I know. There are so many fun elements in the original song and I wanted to represent them as faithfully as I could, such as Morrissey's plinky piano solo, and the siren and snare drum rhythm at the end. Every song teaches me something new I can do with my voice and electronic manipulation techniques- this song taught me a lot.

I hope you like it, Joey!


  1. Very nice, very nice, very nice...

    Thank you!

  2. "The great unsung Smiths masterpiece" according to some not-so-wise tome or other. Your version is so bamboozlingly wonderful you can even be forgiven for adding a "The" at the front of the title. How you make all those drum sounds with your mouth is a feat of genius (though surely it's high time you dislodged that bren gun from your larynx?)

    Nearly there, Saint Janice, nearly there...

  3. I always thought there was a THE in the title because Moz sings it! Oh well, you learn something new every day.

    I'm bringing the vocal big guns these days with the hope it will put me on a path to a singing career instead of the current out-of-work-database-designer-non-career. It's the only play I have!

  4. love this!! it's one of my favorite smiths songs ever, and your version is wonderful. :)