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Monday, October 4, 2010


<a href="">London by smithsproject</a>

I had the great fortune of spending a day in San Francisco sightseeing with Simon Goddard over the weekend. He was in town to interview bands and promote the release of Mozipedia. He had some free time so we took a boat over to Alcatraz. We also drove down crooked Lombard Street and he even got to witness the amazing speed of San Francisco fog! Wooooosh!

I also had my son with me and he just loved Simon to pieces. He spent most of the day trying to hold Simon's hand and asking him very important toddler questions like, "Ummm, Simon? Do you know about trees?!?!? Are you taking me to jail?" My son got a bit fidgety on the Alcatraz tour so I put his favorite song on headphones. He sang "Bad Romance" loud enough to resonate throughout the prison. Yep. Toddlers love Gaga.

It was great to meet Simon in person. Who knows, maybe I'll get to London one day and he can prove to me that SF crazies are in fact crazier than London crazies. There HAS to also be some people over there who dance around holding signs that read, "I love my cat!" right? Right??

Graphic by Simon Goddard, made specifically for today's song.


  1. Simon is indeed a gentleman and a scholar. I could tell you a secret about Mozipedia but I'd have to kill you! I love San Francisco and all it's craziness. Loved the Edinburgh Castle pub, despite its precarious location. Love your project. More power to your elbow.

  2. Dear Janice - meet Mr "Jocknroll", who once upon a life used to live in a Scottish town called Bonnyrigg and wrote letters to all and sundry using the pen name of Misery Guts. I was lucky to be part of that sundry at a tender age in a lonely place and never forgot his comforting words of apostleship. Misery Guts was the emblematic voice in the wilderness and needed to be honoured accordingly: if you, or anybody else, looks in the first few pages of Mozipedia the secret is revealed and nobody has to die. Just yet...

  3. Mystery solved! Jocknroll, you're a lucky guy (even if you used to have miserable guts). I really was wondering what that secret was, so thanks, Simon, for clearing that one up!

  4. Love the Tube map graphic, but I can't help myself from informing readers not familiar with the British rail network that the significance of Euston is that it's where trains from Manchester to London pull up. As do trains from Liverpool, which is where I'm from, which is why this is one of my favourites. I am too embarrassed at my own nerdiness to put my name to this comment.