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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet and Tender Hooligan

<a href="">Sweet and Tender Hooligan by smithsproject</a>

Who else could I dedicate this song to but The Sweet and Tender Hooligans! They have been so nice to me and even invited me to perform with them in May. I had such a great time meeting all these guys. They are just fantastic!

Here's just one story of how great they are- when we got to the Anaheim House of Blues, I was told by the stage crew that I wasn't aloud to perform because I was listed as a separate act from the Hooligans but they had no clearance forms from me (none of us knew I needed this!) and would not be able to perform. I told the Hooligans and they had a few minutes of group huddle. They came up with a plan to tell the stage manager that I was the "intro music" for their stage entrance and that they would be on stage with me. Once I was performing, the guys waited 'til the last minute to casually stroll on stage, get set up and then start their first song as soon as I was done.

Thanks to the Hooligans for skipping the regular intro and crowd cheers so that I could perform at the House of Blues!!

P.S. I made this one uptempo and danceable, just in case Jose wants to try and spin it at one of his DJ gigs.

Picture from back stage at the House of Blues, taken by my boyfriend Josh Cadwising.