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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Half a Person

<a href="">Half a Person by smithsproject</a>

This one is for my friend, Chris Gethard. He's a very funny comedian who is also a passionate Smiths/Morrissey fan. He hosts The Chris Gethard Show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in New York every month and I recommend going to his show if you can. One of the things I admire about him is his ability to embrace what is real, even at the expense of doing things that are awkward or uncomfortable. You know, like risk telling a joke that's "not funny" and getting shot by a paintball-gun-wielding audience. Or hosting a show naked to raise money for charity. He is genuine, funny, and not at all afraid to be a little clumsy and shy.

Follow him on Twitter: @ChrisGethard!


  1. I am having a go at some of your atempts to turn The Smiths into a hybrid of Enya and Sarah Brightman. It makes me sick. It's utterly disgusting. It could have taken you 13 million hours and I'd still not believ what my ears were hearing.

    You could have surely put up with not trading this. This is such an exploitation over other people's efforts. Are either Morrissey or Marr or eve Joyce earning anything from this?

    And this is just a secondary issue here.

    What utterly baffles me is how Sarah Brightman-ish your versions sound. And you're breathing inbetween lines ruins it a little further.

  2. I'll see what you must have done to 'Girlfriend in a coma" now.