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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recording Session with Jose Maldonado

photo by Josh Cadwising

Interlude by blackpiano

Jose Maldonado (singer of The Sweet and Tender Hooligans) has been one of my great supporters from the very beginning. I can't thank him enough for all the encouragement and opportunities he have given me through radio play and inviting me to take part in the Sweet and Tender Hooligans Shows last May on Morrissey's birthday. Months ago, we decided to do a cover of Interlude by Morrissey and Siouxie. I put the backing track together ahead of time and then recorded Jose at the Indie 103.1 studio in LA after we did the Breakfast With The Smiths radio show. Here it is!

I also did an impromptu recording of Jose playing his guitar and singing whatever songs came to mind. I took them home and added my vocals to them a few weeks ago. I think they came out great as well!

Lovelife by blackpiano

Speedway by blackpiano

Ask by blackpiano

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