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Friday, July 16, 2010

I Know It's Over

<a href="">I Know It's Over by smithsproject</a>


Dear Mr. Lynch,
It means the world to know that you've listened to my music! Thank you for giving a mere nobody a moment of your time. If you ever need an all-vocal soundtrack, I'm your gal.

Thank you again for years of inspiration!

I'm dedicating today's song to David Lynch and Julee Cruise as a thank you for years and years of inspiration. Eraserhead was the first "experimental" film I watched as a young teen and it had such a huge impact on me. I didn't have cable TV growing up, plus I'm the daughter of a minister, so there wasn't a whole lot of experimental influences in my environment. His movies have such stunning visuals, raw emotions and quirky sense of humor. The way he combines beauty with fear is genius. I used Julee Cruise as my musical inspiration for this song since it already seemed to want to be a 50's ballad of sorts. Pairing wispy vocals with the dark lyrics seemed like a very Lynch-y thing to do anyway.

Mr. Lynch, where ever you are, I thank you. You absolutely blew my mind and changed the way I think about music, art, movies- even the way I decorate my house. In fact, the room I'm sitting in (total mess- no picture!!) has black and white striped carpet and red walls.


  1. I read the entry for this and wasn't sure if I'd like it...but I have to say, it is *very* Julee Cruise and I def like it.

    Again - way to go, J!

  2. you're not a mere nobody! you're an inspiration for a lot of people, lady, including me.

  3. This is amazing. It sounds like something that should be on Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  4. A good cover version shows you something that was already in the amplifies. This is a good cover version. Well done.

  5. I simply adore your version.