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Monday, April 26, 2010

Girl Afraid

Album 2: Hatful of Hollow
Track 13: Girl Afraid

This is my first use of a tremolo guitar pedal. Johnny Marr uses it a lot, most notably in How Soon Is Now. In fact, I also used the octave pedal on this one as well. I really wanted to capture some of the rock aspect of the music and using the pedals brings me one step closer. If there's anything that continues to perplex me, it's how to incorporate more of Johnny's guitars that I love so much. I am continuously trying new ideas and, although I'm still searching, these experiments have brought me to some interesting places. Whether or not I am able to get more Johnny-ness into the music, I'm glad for this creative push to try new things.

As I was singing this song, I remembered there was a woman known online as 'Girl Afraid' and I was wondering if she was out there somewhere listening. It turns out, she tracked me down a few weeks back and has been very supportive of The Smiths Project, so Dani, this one is for you.

Photograph of Ana Gomez VillafaƱe by Lam Nguyen, both dear friends of mine.


  1. Great version of Girl Afraid... again, thank you so much!

    It's such a bummer that I leave far far away (deep south texas yuck) and I won't be able to catch you and the hooligans at the shows... it would be awesome if you guys recorder some of your set... think of us, the Morrissey fans that live in the middle of nowhere!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! I absolutely adore this version and can't wait to hear what's next! ♥