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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Suffer Little Children

I have to say, this was not an easy song to sing. Most people don't enjoy singing about dead children, but after becoming a parent, it's especially hard to keep from personalizing it and seeing your own child in your mind's eye. UGH. But after several takes, the sting eventually wore off and I was able to get through it pretty easily.

I also added a guitar pedal to my studio set up on this track: I'm using the Danelectro "Chili Dog" octave pedal for the bass that comes in half way through the song.

And did I mention it's celebration time!?!? This is the last track on The Smiths first album. For those of you keeping track, that's 11 down and 62 songs to go! Sounds nuts, but I have another 10 songs in various stages going in the studio so it's not so bad. I have my spreadsheet and a yellow hi-liter to keep me motivated. :)

Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy it.

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