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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What Difference Does It Make

This cover is one of two new songs featured a few weeks back on Indie 103.1 Breakfast With The Smiths, so if you tuned in, you were the first to hear it. Big thanks to Jose Maldonado for having me on his show and also to Thomas Lennon for telling him about me. You guys are the bee's knees.

Please join me in listening to Breakfast With The Smiths every Sunday from 9-11am PST, hosted by Smiths tribute band Sweet & Tender Hooligans lead singer, Jose Maldonado!

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What Difference Does It Make is one of the earliest Smiths songs, recorded 28 years ago. That means Johnny had just turned 19 years old and Morrissey was a mere 23 years old. The level of talent they possessed at such an early age is mind-boggling. It probably didn't take long to record the music, but most Smiths fans will spend the rest of their adult lives trying to master even a couple of these songs on guitar or attempting to write such intelligent lyrics.

It gives me the same feeling as when a group of prodigy kids gave a concert at San Francisco State University while I was attending college there. It took those kids less than one hour to squash a lifetime of musical dreams and aspirations under their cute little 7 year old toes.

After the concert:
"Well, I feel completely worthless."
"Yeah, I was going to practice but... eh, screw it. Wanna go to the pub?"


  1. Admittedly I have been a fan of the Smiths for 22 of my 38 years but visiting your blog on a weekly basis has reminded me once more that Morrissey/Marr simply did not write one bad or "filler" song in their brief career together.

    I'm sure you will have songs that you are more keen to record than others, but really, what songwriting partnership can claim literally 100% that they never wrote a bad song?

    Thank you Janice for making me dust off my vinyl and play music that I thought I had played to death. I am listening again with fresh ears.

    I very much enjoyed this version of "What Difference Does It Make" - a song that the 16-17 year old in me played way too often and kind of wore out. Great to hear it sounding reinvigorated.

    What I love about your versions is you can hear your love for these songs coming through loud and clear.

  2. Thank you for all the nice comments guys! I'm re-discovering my love for all these songs, too. It's nice to know that you're all following me on my journey! <3

  3. A beautiful rendition of my favourite song.

  4. As a 17 year old Mancunian, this song was the essential soundtrack to my late teens. I was in a 'Manchester band' and we'd spend hours dissecting Smiths songs to see how they went together.

    This is bloody stunning, you little genius. :D