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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reel Around the Fountain

*edit* Here is the completed multi-layered version:

Album 1: The Smiths
Track 1: Reel Around the Fountain

According to Morrissey, this song is about him losing his virginity. My personal cherry popin' story is not worth writing a song about. Instead,let me tell you about the very first time I ate cheesecake! It's a much more beautiful and emotional tale about the beginning of a life-long love affair that, to this day, is an unbreakable bond of the purest kind of love imaginable. Wait, I promised myself this wouldn't become a food blog... Well, anyway, let's just say it was "epic," possibly bordering on *Princess Bride* true love. Let's just leave it at that.


  1. I used to do the sacrilegious and harmonize with this one...Morrissey hated a harmony or he couldn't sing...
    Anyway it sounds good Janice, you have a lovely voice. What kind of mic are you using? How will you pull off Oscillate Wildly...I can't wait to find out

  2. Owen- don't think it hasn't occurred to me that I'll be doing an instrumental piece soon... In fact, it was my boyfriend's ring tone for quite some time so I'm used to hearing the first 15 seconds of Oscillate Widly as a call to Josh. I will have to spend some extra time on that one, to be sure. I'm thinking it will call for extra layers. :)

  3. When will this be available again as an mp3?

  4. Hi Justin, I have a list half-way down the page that has all songs for download. Once I acquire the rights, I'll be putting the first album on iTunes, so grab them for free while you can!