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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretty Girls Make Graves (Take 2)

As promised, here's the new and improved version with about 10 more layers of voice than the original. I did my best to include more of the guitar element to the music and I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's probably the most rhythmic of my vocal pieces to date!

(btw, I seem to be having volume issues but hopefully the levels aren't too low for everyone else...)


  1. my favorite so far!

  2. I want to download this! How?

  3. i agree with rob - i want to download it too. gorgeous! beautiful!

  4. Just added the link in the post for you to download the new Pretty Girls Make Graves...

  5. Thanks for the download link!

    I've had your version of PGMG whooshing through my head all day. Simply beautiful.

    I appreciate how long it must take you to construct these more elaborate versions but keep it up...they are amazing.

    Looking forward to Suffer Little Children. You've raised the bar so much I am expecting a haunting masterpiece!

  6. It does take considerably longer to sing the covers with so many extra vocals, but I find that I'm enjoying the process much more and getting to know the songs on a different level.

    I will keep you in mind when I get to Suffer Little Children. :)

  7. Great job! Love The Smiths, and love the covers. Keep it up! :]

  8. My mp3 player wants it now.

    And it will not wait, it's too rough - unlike its delicate owner...


  9. I have to admit, Janice, when I saw the facebook page for your project, the 1st thought that came to mind was some bubble headed teeny-bopper butchering the songs that saved my life...

    Well damn, I couldn't have been more wrong! Your versions of these songs are absolutely beautiful. I love how they _so powerfully_ convey your love for the band and their creations; I think that is what makes them so lovely, because your respect and awe at the music comes through so clearly. I really think that to do a cover of the Smiths (at least to do one that sounds this sublime), you have to have that connection with their music that is so prominent among Smiths fans.

    I have never been so delighted to be wrong and I cannot WAIT to hear your version of Still Ill, the song I've been having a particularly passionate love affair with for years ~_^

  10. Thank you all for such nice comments!

    Mary Ann- I too am SO glad I'm not a bubble headed teeny-bopper! But when I was, thankfully, these were the songs that influenced me. They've had a long time to soak in and I hope to do right by the music. BTW, I'm working on Still Ill right now. :D