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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miserable Lie

*edit* Here's the completed multi-layered version:

Album 1: The Smiths
Track 3: Miserable Lie

I apparently have a head cold that won't quit. I'm so ready to have my normal voice back! It's getting better but my voice is still raspy and difficult to control. Oh well, this was probably one of the songs I can say I've never been all that into anyway. The album version is jerky and all over the place. I actually looked up the song in my boyfriend's Mozipedia (no, I am not making that up) to get a better sense of what it's all about. The band members all agree that the final recorded version didn't do the song justice. It was meant to be a surprise left-hook that clobbers you over the head when played live. You know, like the la de da de da de *WHACK!* of getting suddenly dumped by the lover you lived with back at Whalley Range... :( I need to go track down a live recording so that I can hear it in all it's jilted glory.

I decided to take a little "creative license" with this one and record it in a slower pace to connect the first and second sections of the song since my vocal recordings are completely lacking in angsty guitars. I think it helps the lyrics come through more clearly. Also, you will notice I whittled away at the end with all its high falsetto glory that goes on and on and on and on because, well... it sounds kinda dumb without backing music to carry it along. Plus it was exceeding the recommended daily allowance for high Ahhhhhhh sounds.

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