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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting set up

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and fam, I am now in possession of the newest M-box2 Micro and ProTools software! My two other computers went kaput at the same time and the last software CD I had was from like, 1902 and sadly not compatible with my new laptop. Also, i couldn't edit sound on my laptop before but now, thanks to Digidesign's new M-Box2 Micro, I'm ready to go!

Step one:
Plug things in

Step two:
install software

Step three:
#$%@#$^%@(^@#$*%@#$%#@$) why isn't it working?!?!?

Step four:
ohhhh, the M-Box2 and Micro version both need drivers installed in order to both work

Step five:
Mic check. WHAT! Grumble grumble (new battery) oh ok, there it goes.

Step six:
only one channel will accept a mic input? !@%&!@#$%*(!@$%(!@&#$@!#

Step seven:
import The Smiths first album "The Smiths"

Step eight:
start singing along!

Step nine:
Hmmmmm. There are a few songs on this album that i'm really going to need to brush up on before I record.

Step ten:
Did you hear something? I thought I heard something. oh, it's a grilled cheese sandwich calling my name! Woopeeeee!

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